Status button not updated


I have 3 smartplugs that I grouped.

On my dashboard I have the group and the 3 individual smartplugs :

  - type: horizontal-stack
      - show_name: false
        show_icon: true
        type: button
          action: toggle
        name: Sfeer
        icon: mdi:lightbulb-group
        entity: switch.group_smart_plug_sfeerverlichting
      - type: button
        entity: switch.smart_plug_sfeerverlichting_dressoir_on_off
        color: grey
        show_state: false
        name: Dressoir
        show_name: false
        icon: mdi:buffet
      - type: button
        entity: switch.smart_plug_sfeerverlichting_links_on_off
        color: grey
        show_state: false
        name: Links
        show_name: false
        icon: mdi:dock-left
      - type: button
        entity: switch.smart_plug_sfeerverlichting_rechts_on_off
        color: grey
        show_state: false
        name: Rechts
        show_name: false
        icon: mdi:dock-right

Everything works fine, except that when switched off sometimes some of the smartplugs shows ON on the screen even if they are OFF.

What can I do to resolve this ?

The buttons should update in a little time.
The issue is that HA sends the commands to the smartplugs one after another, but without really waiting for a confirmation and the smartplugs then the react and send the reply back.
The problem is that while HA know when one command is sent and it can then start on the next one, simply because its only HA that send the commands, then the smartplugs does not know this and they might then simply be jamming each other with the reply.
This issue is especially true for RF plugs and plugs with a poorly designed hub, where WIFI, Zigbee, ZWave and good designed hubs should not have it.

What type of smartplugs do you have.

All my smartplugs are Philips Hue smartplugs. I’ve used ZHA to integrate them in HA.