Status of ble_tracker?

I noticed this error in my log today, as data from my digital hand shower wasn’t intercepted by the integration in my installation:

2024-03-02 06:40:15.607 INFO (MainThread) [habluetooth.base_scanner] bathroom-bluetooth-proxy (0C:8B:95:76:D2:AC): Bluetooth scanner has gone quiet for 90s, check logs on the scanner device for more information

Now - the question is how I can address this ? As far as I know, I cannot check for the status of the BLE tracker in the ESPhome code … And I assume, that trying to catch that error message in the HA log also is a bit complicated, not to mention that in case it pops up, a “remote reboot” of the esphome device is probably required…

Any hints/ideas ?

That part is easy. In esphome:

  - platform: restart
    name: "Restart"

Now, it would be nice to receive an event of sort for those “lockups” of the ble scanner indeed. Not sure what causes it, but a restart of the ESP always solves it.

That gives the possibility to reboot the device via the HA user interface - but can the reboot also be done through a service call in an automation (if I find a way to trigger it) ?

What else is in your config…, like any button (besides input_button, which devilishly has its specific service)