Status of Google Home devices?


At the moment I have integrated Google Assistant into HA. For all of my smart devices I am able to ask the status. For example: What is the living room temperature? Google Assistant then will reply the current temperature of the living room.
My question is how I can display the current living room temperature on the HA dashboard? In that case I would like to update the temperature for example every 5 minutes? Is this possible with HA?



I use badges, but I don’t have a fancy dashboard. I’m sure other will give much nicer examples.

Thx, but how to get the temperature data into HA?

Ok, that was the question. You have temperature sensors that have no HA integration ?

Yes. As I said I am able to ask the temperature with the Google assistant. Since there is an integration of Google assistant in HA it looks possible to me to get that temperature data into HA.

Look at the Google assistant integration, you can ask the equivalent of voice commands and get a response back

The integration of Google Assistant is one way. You can integrate HA devices in Google Assistant, but Google Assistant devices that have no HA integration can’t be integrated.

I think it is possible with Google Assistant SDK:

Am going to look if I can get this working!

Unfortunately the SDK indeed is a one way option so I am not able to read the status of my sensors. However, I am using it to control settings of my devices. At home I am all electric and if the total power of my P1 meter exceeds a certain level the electric floor heating in my living room is switched off. This to prevent overloading of my 3x25A connection.
For the temperature sensor reading I have now ordered a Shelly Plus H&T.