Status of pending/queued zwave commands


I’m using/trying homeassistant supervized with the zwave js to mqtt addon.
Is there any way to determine or query and visualize the status of pending or queued commands sent to zwave devices?
Especially the commands sent to entities for battery driven devices can take some time to be delivered due to the wakeup time of the devices. E.g. a Devolo thermostat, changing the target temperature, with the wakeup interval of 300 seconds can take up to that time before the target temperature will be set and reflected in Lovelace. Actually there is no response to the user changing the temperature within in Lovelace wether it has been acknowleged or not, even there is no hint that there is already a pending command maybe created by another automation.

I believe the only place you can find that info would be in the zwavejs add-on logs.