"StatZon1" Zone created automatically? What is this?

So very strange thing happened… I somehow have a zone that was created, not by me, named “StatZon1” that is right in the same location as my “Work” Zone…

I am trying to get iCloud3 addon/integration working and that’s really the only change I’ve done since seeing this, as far as I know…

it says i can’t edit it because my configuration.yaml has zones configured, which I do have this: zone: !include zone.yaml

however, in my zone.yaml i have 3 entries defined and not one is that whacky named one

is your device still tracking? mine seems to have created the same zone and tracking has stopped working.

edit Looks like an update was released

Same here! Did you solve it?

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I’ve got a StatZon2 zone as well. Not sure how to fix it

Open the integration
Click Configure

Select Page 2

Select Special Zones

Uncheck Stationary Zone

Then select Save and Submit

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