Stealin entity pics based on what media player is doin what. Never endin if loops possible?

I have a sensor that seems once it gets through to the end of the if statement it stays on off.  Is there a way to have it recycle...almost like a never ending loop.  Or is it possible to call a sensor in an automation to refresh?

I feel like theres a lot easier way that I am just not thinking of....

My goal is if Plex is playing to grab that token attribute so I can create a good url to pass to hadashboard.  If Plex is not playing it will take the sonos token, and if sonos is not playing it just says Off.  That all works great.  My problem is once it gets down to off.  It just wants to hang out, and never check if the other guys started playing again, lazy a.. sensor.  If I turn some music, it just stays at off.  It does not go back and check if either of those are playing.

This works perfect...if it would keep going round n round:
    - platform: template
          value_template: >
            {% if is_state('media_player.plex_living_room', 'playing') %}
    {{ states.media_player.plex_living_room.attributes.token }}
            {% elif is_state('media_player.basement', 'playing') %}
    {{ states.media_player.living_room.attributes.token }}
            {% endif %}

I use a few generic cameras in the same fashon and they work great all the time.  I just create the camera first:
    - platform: generic
      name: Bedroom Sonos
      still_image_url: '{{ states.media_player.bedroom.attributes.token }}'

Then in hadashboard I just take the url of the generic camera I get from HA:
    widget_type: camera
    refresh: 10

Ive been struggling with this a couple weeks now.  appreciate any help!

Sorry about all in quotes. that is not working too well for me…

I just caught it! I think my TTS is killing it early too. Doesnt mean much, just more that once it hits bottom its there for good:/