I was looking for a nice lovelace card to show my Steam friends and what they are doing, in Home Assistant. I could really only find one working existing solution (perhaps I’m bad at searching), and that hadn’t been updated in years. I also needed something a lot more compact as I have tens of Steam friends I wanted to show on my HASS dashboard. So, I ended up using this card I found as a base and built on top of that. And here is the end result: The card I used as a base is Kibibit’s kb-steam-card, so thanks to Kibibit for his/her work.

Here’s a sneak peak of the card in action:

It has two modes (just like Kibibit’s original). Showing a list of Steam accounts in a card or a single Steam account in a card. Both are a lot more compact than in the original. List mode shows accounts in two columns, sorted by first status and then name. Single user cards work nicely either in full width, or when placed in a horizontal-stack.

Also, if you are using Steam integration you might have noticed a problem with entities going unavailable very often. That’s because of Steam restricting the amount of queries executed against its API. There is a fix that works that I can suggest until Steam integration itself gets fixed (if it will). Check out this post here by mkanet.


Love the design,
Thx for sharing!

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