Steam integration issue :(

Hey :slight_smile: Im really new at HA and after watching a bunch of tutorials I wanted to give it a go by adding a feature that lets me see my online status of my Steam account.

I was following this tutorial Steam - Home Assistant (
but I think I may have misunderstood some things as I can not find the data from Steam anywhere on HA. I assumed it would be somewhere in entities but :confused: no luck

Firstly, I let to Steam and found my API key and account id.
Which was the first issue as I was asked to add a domain name (I am guessing was the HA url in this case)
Then I went into my configuration.yaml file and added this piece of code


  • platform: steam_online
    api_key: my api key
    accounts: my account id

Lastly I went into HA, clicked on ‘check configuration’ which was valid. and then restarted the HA server.
If someone can assist me I would be very thankful as I am a complete noob

That looks like it should work, although I assume you have the correct indentation and are using a “dash” and not a “bullet” at the start of the platform line (note it’s always better to show code using the code format, and not as text, like below)

# Steam
- platform: steam_online
  api_key: !secret steam_api_key
    - <account-id1> # Tracked account ID 1 name
    - <account-id2> # Tracked account ID 2 name

The domain name is the one you want to use to identify the account. After a reboot, the above show up as Entities in HA, with a format as below


Have you checked the logs for any errors ?

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Hey p4mr, thank you for your reply.
Yes it is a dash, as I wasn’t aware how to show code using code format. :slight_smile:

This is my code now
in the configuration.yaml file

# Steam
platform: steam_online
  api_key:!secret steam_api_key
  client_id:!secret steam_id

in the secrets.yaml file I have…

> steam_api_key: myapikey
> steam_id: myaccount id

when checking configuration validation, i get the message

Component error: platform - Integration ‘platform’ not found.

I am guessing that platform isn’t defined or something
Thank you for your help once again ^^

Can you double check your code. In your first example, you used “accounts”, and in the second you used “client_id” It should be accounts.

Also, take out the ‘#Steam’ line just after ‘sensor:’ line from your first example. The platform needs to be defined immediately after the sensor declaration.

Suggestion would be just cut and paste the code from the documentation, then edit for your requirements with the secrets.

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I changed the code a bit to work out the issues which in a way helped besides the ‘platform’ not being defined.

right now I did what you have suggested and copy, pasted the code from the documentation.

  - platform: steam_online
    api_key: myapikey
      - myaccountid
      - account2

the configuration validation says valid which is great news! I did that in the first place but I am not sure what went wrong before. oh well…

However, how do I find any entities for the steam account. :thinking:

Did you restart HA ? If your API key is valid, then any accounts should show up as sensors in the Entities tab. Note the accounts should be 17 digit numbers.

The sensors are showing up … but all appear as “offline”. Even though some of my friends are online …?

Currenlty it seems to work again with the standart Steam Integration.