Steam sensor - friendly name for Steam entities

Currently entities created by Steam sensor contain Account ID - something what should be kept confidential. I want to share my config on github and keep my account ids in secrets.yaml, but this means that i cannot do any automations or template sensors around my steam entities (as its not possible to use !secrets in many places).
Potentially those entities may also show up in HA logs and an unaware user may post them online.

Can you not just change the entity id and the friendly name?

I dont think so

The sensor automatically creates entities for every SteamID provided and according to the documentation, there’s no way of adding Friendly Name to it.

Just because friendly name is not in the configuration of the integration, doesn’t necessarily mean that its’s not supported to have a friendly name.

When you click on “i” icon of the entity under Developer Tools -> States, is there no configuration wheel in the top right corner?

No unfortunately im getting “This entity does not have a unique ID, therefore its settings cannot be managed from the UI.”

Ah oke didn’t know that. Sounds to me like an issue with the integration. It’s probably the best to post this as an issue on github as I don’t see this as a feature request, it’s more an issue of the integration.