SteamVR custom integration

Hi, I’ve created custom integration that connects Home Assistant with your SteamVR Headset.

The integration is almost finished (works without any major issues), but the PC Companion app is still in active development.



  • Sensors:
    • Current game
    • Headset status
    • Controllers (is connected, battery level, is charging)
  • Notifications (only base style)
  • Most of Agent’s UI


  • Notification editor (doesn’t have option to send basic notification))

Not ready yet [WiP]

  • Minimize to tray
  • Advanced notifications (images, gifs and animations)
  • Sending commands to VR (eg. vibrating controllers)

How to install:

  1. Add: as a custom HACS repository and install the integration
  2. Install a program that acts like a bridge between SteamVR and Home Assistant on your PC Home Assistant Agent for SteamVR
  3. Configure integration in Home Assistant UI

Source code:

Inspired by: GitHub - BOLL7708/OpenVROverlayPipe: Displays image overlays or notifications in SteamVR using WebSockets


This seems really cool. Can I ask what your use cases are for this though?

To show notifications from HA on headset (eg. I’m in game and someone rings the doorbell or to nicely shutdown VR in case of power outage video) and get stats in Home Assistant Dashboard.

I’m using it in a VR Arcade to monitor current status of each station and for automations - eg. turning off VR base stations when all VRs are off

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That makes sense. Thanks for answering.