Stelpro Maestro thermostats

Has anyone been able to get these thermostats to report the temperature and control them from Home Assistant?

I was only able to get the reading from the humidity sensor. :frowning:


Same deal here, just added a couple of the slave Maestro thermostats to my HASS server, I can see them as zigbee devices and I can see the humidity readings but nothing else.

I think the issue is that HASS does not currently have a generic ‘ZHA Thermostat’ device like it does for Z-Wave, hopefully that is something they will be able to support in future!

can you elaborate a little ?
what exact device do you have ? (is it a smt402? )
how did you get the humidity sensor ?
do you use zha or zigbee2mqtt or something else ?

Hi bobzer,

Yes it’s the SMT402 which they call the Stelpro Maestro. Normally, you get a master device (black) and a few slaves (white) that communicate together and the master device provides a web interface. The slaves can also use Zigbee only to reach a smart hub, which I am doing with Home Assistant. I think you knew that already though. :wink:

I use “zha” and I managed to connect the 2 thermostats that I have, but only the humidity sensors are detected.

I think it might have something to do with the fact that “zha” does not have a thermostat device type yet?

This is what I see in my entities :

zha.zha_stelpro_maestrostat_… (online)
nwk: 0x8f61
ieee: f8:f0:05:ff:ff:…
lqi: 255
rssi: -70
friendly_name: Stelpro MaestroStat

nwk: 0x476c
ieee: f8:f0:05:ff:ff:…
lqi: 255
rssi: -71
friendly_name: Stelpro MaestroStat

unit_of_measurement: %
friendly_name: Garage Humidity
device_class: humidity

unit_of_measurement: %
friendly_name: Gym Humidity
device_class: humidity

So the thermostats are there, but only the humidity sensors show up and not the temperature sensors or a climate entity.

Thanks for any help you can provide. I am still a newb with this! :wink:

Hi Folks,

I have a Stelpro STZB402+ installed in my garage and I’ve been able to pair with it using the Homeassistant ZHA component for the last couple of months. I use the Nortek HUSBZB-1 usb to Zigbee/Zwave stick. Additionally with the last release 0.88.2 under configuration->Nodes it shows up as a Node and I can then choose a Cluster. One of the Cluster options is ‘Thermstat’ and from there I can get and set the ‘occupied_heating_setpoint’ which reads the current thermostat setting and allows me to set this value as well. The value for me is in Celsius so if I read this temperature and get 800 this equates to a setting of 8 degrees C on the unit. I have not had time to experiment much more with this integration or try any automatons with it.

Thanks rgill!

I can finally get some thermostat functions to work between the Stelpro Maestro and Home Assistant! :slight_smile:

As per your instructions, from the ZHA configuration, I can now get the current temp reading, temp setting and change the temp setting! Now I just need to figure out how to put this in the graphical interface.

I’m not sure if this would be of any use, but here’s a list of the attributes that I can get a value from and their current output :

abs_max_cool_setpoint_limit (id: 0x0006) = 4000
abs_max_heat_setpoint_limit (id: 0x0004) = 3000
abs_min_cool_setpoint_limit (id: 0x0005) = 700
abs_min_heat_setpoint_limit (id: 0x0003) = 500
ctrl_seqe_of_oper (id: 0x001b) = 2
local_temp (id: 0x0000) = 1350
local_temperature_calibration (id:0x0010) = 0
max_cool_setpoint_limit (id: 0x0018) = 4000
max_heat_setpoint_limit (id: 0x0016) = 3000
min_cool_setpoint_limit (id: 0x0017) = 700
min_heat_setpoint_limit (id: 0x0015) = 500
min_setpoint_dead_band (id: 0x0019) = 25
occupancy (id: 0x0002) = 1
occupied_cooling_setpoint (id: 0x0011) = 3500
occupied_heating_setpoint (id: 0x0012) = 1400
outdoor_temp (id: 0x0001) = -32768
pi_heating_demand (id: 0x0008) = 100
remote_sensing (id: 0x001a) = 2
system_mode (id: 0x001c) = 4
system_type_config (id: 0x0009) = 0
unoccupied_cooling_setpoint (id: 0x0013) = 4000
unoccupied_heating_setpoint (id: 0x0014) = 1700

  • As rgill mentionned, the “local_temp” attribute matches the current temperature reading on the physical unit. Also, the “occupied_heating_setpoint” matches the current setting of 14.0C.
    ** The “pi_heating_demand” goes up to 100 when the heating is active.

It would be nice to have a script that reads all the attributes and dumps the output automatically.

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sorry to bring back an old post but did you manage to use the information in home assistant?
I would like to use the info with node red. did you create a sensor or something else?
Thank you

I used to do a little bit of programming, but not much and it was so long ago that it feels like it was in another life!
I was hoping that someone would be able to help us out from what I posted actually. :wink:

you wrote some script to use the data from stelpro ?

If you interested, I just added the support for Stelpro Maestro into Zigbee2Mqtt:

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Great news for Stelpro Maestro thermostat users!

I noticed yesterday that the ZigBee integration now supports the thermostat properly for both humidity and temperature! I do not know in which version it started working, but thanks a lot to everyone who contributed to add support for this! :slight_smile:


Woa, great timing. these are the last two devices I have on my Smartthings system and I was hesitant to move them over.

Hi everyone,
How did you enable the pairing mode from your Maestro thermostat ? so it can be found by the Zigbee service ( I use the Nortek HUSBZB-1 ).

Hi XstiLX,

I have the same “Nortek HUSBZB-1” USB stick with the “Zigbee Home Automation” integration in Home Assistant and it’s pretty much plug and play now with all the great work that has been done by the developpers. :wink:

In your Home assistant interface, go in “Devices & Services” in the “Settings” menu. Then, click on “CONFIGURE” on the Zigbee integration card and then the “+ ADD DEVICE” button at the bottom.

While it says “Searching for Zigbee devices…”, which lasts I think 45 or 60 seconds by default, you have to go on your thermostat unit and put it in pairing mode. It will then be discovered and added. Do this for all your thermostat units, one at a time.

Please note that you don’t even need a controller Maestro thermostat (the black one).

Let me know how it goes!

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if we have the controller is it possible to pair it ?

I would guess no one found a way to control the master thermostat (seems to be wifi but use zigbee to talk to slaves…)? This means you can control the slaves from HA but the main room that has the controller you cannot :frowning:

Either I scrap the master and buy another slave or have one room not on HA.

the only things i was able to find is that the thermostat use wireguard to connect to some iot server, forget the provider’s name but it’s not stelpro.
i didn’t investigate more. but if someone was able to change the firmware or find the way to control it I would be very happy