Stelpro STZW402+ Thermostat acting up

My Stelpro STZW402+ thermostat suddenly started working at full blast this morning at 4:54 AM
There is nothing in the HomeAsistant logs about it.
I am running version 2021.5.5 on raspberry pi 4 in python venv. The USB Z-wave stick is Nortek combine z-wave and zigbee, I have a few of these thermostat and several sensors.

Something like that happen with another one Stelpro STZ402+ thermostat last winter also, but I thought it was a random glitch.

Any help would be welcome.

Did you ever figure out what happened? I’m shopping for thermostats now and considering Stelpro, Mysa, and Sinope.

I switched to running Home Assistant Operating System on the same raspberry pi, the issue didn’t happen again since. But I created an automation rule just in case to check if temperature on any of the thermostat is switched to higher then 25C and send me notification and switch back to reasonable value.

It happen again today, one of the thermostats suddenly set itself to 28.5C, my automation rule caught it and reset it to 20C