Step by Step for text to speech

I have tried and tried to understand and to get TTS working with many different installs. I have looked and looked and found no one place for a new install and to enable TTS. I am in the US.
I have amplified speakers to test and I even have Boise Bluetooth speakers.

As of today I have all my automation setup, on a new Home Assistant OS install with supervisor. Out of the hardware list I have the following:
Subsystem: media
Device path: /dev/media1
Attributes: DEVNAME: /dev/media1
DEVPATH: /devices/platform/soc/fe00b840.mailbox/bcm2835-codec/media1
MAJOR: ‘251’
MINOR: ‘1’

Subsystem: media
Device path: /dev/media0
Attributes: DEVNAME: /dev/media0
DEVPATH: /devices/platform/soc/fe00b840.mailbox/bcm2835-isp/media0
MAJOR: ‘251’
MINOR: ‘0’

Is there someone that could help me set up my TTS?

You need two things

  1. A TTS integration
  2. A media player integration

If you have both of those set up then you use the tts.say service that shows in Developer tools → Services. Exactly what it’s called will depend on your integration choice.

I do not have the two you mentioned, and I get stuck in those areas.

Do I need specific additional hardware? for a media player?
What would you do with the hardware setup I have?

Do not look at the hardware list on the Host tab. You must have, as mentioned above: a player integrated in the HA that creates the entity media_player.xxxxx. Then integrate TTS into configuration.yaml.
For example: Google Translate Text-to-Speech - Home Assistant

I tried installing and connecting to VLC but was unsuccessful, this was with other installs though. I would like to know the easiest player to install and to work would be my next question and next step I suppose.

The media player will be the physical device on which you want to play TTS messages. Accordingly, choose the media player integration of your device if HA supports it

Oh then correct me then, there isn’t a provision to have HA as a media player as well? or it would not be prudent? I should have another server as a media player? I would like to eventually play radio stations as well.

I am using an LMS server running on Rpi. Options: radio playback, custom music albums, TTS. If you own Google Home, you can play TTS on this device.

No I don’t want to do anything outside if I can help it. I am willing to do Google TTS or better Microsoft TTS, but control with Alexa or Google Assistant or something like that no.

The LMS server and piCorePlayer are on the local network. If you look, there are a lot of threads with TTS support where you can choose what suits you.

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No, your home assistant server isn’t going to be a media player. You need one of the many media player integrations to connect to a supported media player device.

That could be a Sonos speaker, a Google Home device (as a media player, not for voice control), or many many other devices. I mostly use Google Home devices as TTS targets, keeping my Sonos and LMS devices for music.

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Ok, so my first step is to obtain or build a media player device or server. I will be building it then on a Ubuntu platform, I suppose. I have my eye on Plex Media Server. I may try
VLC media player Telnet, now that I learn it should be separate from HA.