Step-down voltage advice?


Working on some new ESP devices, I have often that issue and I’d like advices about best electronic you found for that.
Often in my ESP devices, I need 5V, 3.3V depending of ESP board used, and sensors used, and also sometimes 12V. For sure I can put as many power supply as voltages needed but it’s not really nice, eco-friendly and clean. So I was thinking to put an unique 12V power supply and then use some step down electronic board to get 5 and 3.3V. What do you think about it ? Some suggestions ? if possible avalaible on aliexpress :wink:



You can just use any voltage regulator. Bought a couple for myself as well, for the purpose of ESP chips and DIY projects


I have to say I was very wary of these devices given how small they are but having used them on many projects since I can heartily recommend them and second ghost’s suggestion, never had a faulty one yet.
But do take the time to set your output voltages as precisely as you can.


What is your real requirement?
the DC-DC converters are very useful, but they use more space and are expensive (a dollar each!!)
But they can give you exactly the voltage you want and usually lots of current (2A easy).
However if you want to save space, need 5V or 3v3 volt with low current requirements < 800ma and don’t want to hassle with regulating the voltage an LD1117 is more suitable
As a general rule if you are going to drive small motors or more than 1 coil relay you’ll be better with a DC - DC switching, otherwise a linear regulator will do great.