Steps Sensor Unavailable

I have an issue where the Steps Sensor is unavailable unless I restart the HA android app and then goes back to unavailable in about an hour.
All other sensors work fine and update

This should be corrected in the latest beta version. The unavailable is expected until we trigger an actual update for the first time. When you are on the latest beta go to sensors setting screen and keep it open for a while to trigger an update. Once the first update gets sent it should work better and no longer switch to unavailable.

Ok cheers I’ll give it a try

I have the same problem, all sensors works well, only the “Steps sensor” don’t update regulary.
I have to stop and restart the App and then it works, If the App is close in the mobile device don’t send the update for Steps (while the others sensors is always update).

App: vers. 3.0.1 on Android 10

Someone have the same problem or the solution?

mine does not work after app 3.0 :frowning:

make sure you guys still have proper background access in the app. Here is my graph from 3.0.2, you can see that the updates come in infrequently. this could also be a battery optimization issue.