Steps to control Mitsubishi AC with ESP32/EspHome via CN105

I’m quite new to HomeAssistant and still have some problems getting the bigger picture.

What I have done already:

  • I’m already using HA with Zigbee2MQTT and many Zigbee sensors
  • installed the ESPHome addon
  • added the ESP32 with a yaml config file (using github://echavet/MitsubishiCN105ESPHome for my AC) and I can see that it’s online

But what exactly is added by doing this and how can I check that it’s available except from within ESPHome? E.g. I don’t see any new entities which I had been expecting with sensors for all relevant properties. I found tghere is also an EspHome integration, do I need this too?

And what are the necessary steps to be able to control the AC from my dashboard? I’m not asking for all the details but I’d rather like to understand the high level steps and what object types I would need to add (integrations, devices, entities, helpers, …)