Sth strange about cpu usage

I notice every morning the cpu temp /cpu usage increase before sun rise!Not sure why. Anyone has any idea how to solve this myth please advise.

Can you click on that sensor to bring up the more info pop-up that has a detailed history chart with times on the x-axis?

If it occurs at just past 4am it is your database purging.

7th to 11th actually two peaks. the first one is about 0230 and second one about 0400

That’s a bit early to be the recorder purge.

Have a look in your Logbook (not system log) for events around those times:

Open your Home Assistant instance and show your logbook panel.

The “sun” integration has a variable refresh rate that increases during those exact time periods, if you have a slow cpu or inadequate cooling, the complex calculations involved could for sure heat it up

02:30 seems a bit early for sunrise, or late for sunset. Unless Leon lives near the arctic circle.

Yeah thats not it, I looked at the algo, and its even higher freq during daylight hours.

logbook only show some wifi tracker event , not really tell much information.

why before sun rise not before sun down?

It is not that. My current guess is that the hosting operating system is running a cron job

My crontab currently only have 2 of the hourly script to grab info from webpage and 1 of 5 minsly mission to update ddns, they wont lead to this cpu usage patterns.