Stickers / symbols to put on buttons?

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Hi all,

I have some switches around the house that currently are non-descript (white), and I’d like some symbols on them. For my switches, the company behind it sells custom-made covers with symbols - but they’re pricy (

Does anyone here know about any kind of adhesive sticker label sheet kinda thing, that I could buy, and then label my buttons myself?.. Preferably, the sheet would have a number of light symbols, maybe a few “pet” / “paw prints” (we have a button for a scene set with lights for our dog), maybe a shutdown/power symbol … and so on.

I’ve been searching, but can’t immediately find any suitable products.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I’ve thought of the same, and have been looking at
You can design sheets of stickers yourself, and add/upload your own images and add text. And you can order as little as one sheet with a number of different, custom designed stickers.
Just have not gotten around to ordering anything yet.

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DIY it…

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Cool!. The link is, and I’ll take a look. It’s prob. exactly what I’d hoped for :slight_smile:

Interesting. I don’t have access to a printer currently, but maybe I should acquire one for other reasons… :slight_smile:

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Yeah. Here is the full link to what I suggested:

The only problem I see is that you cant make the stickers smaller than 1,9 x 1,9 cm (0.75 x 0.75 inch), which might be a bit big for some buttons.
But if you can live with that, you get 88 stickers on one sheet for $9.99…

Not exactly what you want but they seem cheap and cute :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh hell, I just used a marker pen.

I guess the stickers will go over that.

It is a shame stickeryou don’t allow SVG images, then you could upload mdi icons straight there.

I kinda expected them to have an MDI-icon set, or at least lookalikes… :expressionless: