Still having trouble getting devices recognized properly by HA


I’m having this issue for several months now, but apparently I’m the only one…
For some reason, newly added ZWave devices are not properly recognized by HA.

I’m running HA as a Docker container using the official HA image.
Since quite a while (IIRC somewhere in the 0.3x or 0.4x releases) newly added zwave devices only show up as unknown manufacturer, unknown type.
Since it’s possible to rename the entities, it’s not that big of an issue, because I can set a more descriptive entity name myself.
However, I’m mostly missing out on the zwave configuration stuff inside HA, since none of the configurable parameters show up.

This does not happen for zwave devices that already were included in the network before - I see the correct manufacturer / type identification and also have access to the configuration variables through the zwave configuration page.

I’m assuming something is not working with looking up new devices in the manufacturer_specific.xml file inside the Docker container.

For example:
A week ago, I got an Aeotec ZW117 range extender, that shows up like this:

As you can see, manufacturer_name and product_name are unknown, which they shouldn’t be, since they are listed in the manufacturer_specific.xml file:

(inside the container)

/usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/python_openzwave/ozw_config# grep -i zw117 manufacturer_specific.xml
    <Product type="0004" id="0075" name="ZW117 Range Extender 6" config="aeotec/zw117.xml"/>

Subsequently, there are no config options for this device available in HA’s zwave configuration panel although the zw117.xml file referenced in manufacturer_specific.xml lists some.

The same is true for other devices I added after whatever happened “back in the day”.
Removing, re-including those devices does not help.

What did help back then, was firing up a previous HA release where this stuff still worked, use it to add the device and then update to the recent HA release again.
Unfortunately that’s not feasible anymore since the configs changed too much.

So if anyone has an idea how to solve this, I’d be glad to hear it.


You could always get a second sd card, load raspbian w/ open zwave. Bring up open zwave and see what it sees.

I was having similar issues with the HA (or so i thought). I brought up open zwave which displays the information better and it turns out I just didn’t understand the HA interface for zwave. It may help to see them side by side. Also, if it doesn’t work in OZW, then it won’t work in HA.

Other than that, you could try to wake your device when inside the configuration. Some devices require them to be woken up after inclusion in order to show all parameters.

I’m not running HA on a Pi - but sure, I could shut down HA and launch OZW.
But it’s not only about the config parameters - that’s only one symptom.

Assuming that a device that is known to OZW should be properly identified by HA (maufacturer, product), clearly something must be wrong when it only shows up as unknown.
And since the device and manufacturer IDs are present in the OZW installation, I’d say OZW knows about this device.

In my example - the device is a mains-powered repeater which is always awake.


Ok, seems this issue is beyond the scope of HA.
I launched the OZW control panel as a Docker container and even there the devices are not identified/mapped correctly:

Am I the only one seeing this?