Still images to MJPEG camera

Are there any ways to setup still images as MJPEG camera?
I mean that camera exposes still images and can it be converted with some internal tools of HA to MJPEG camera?

Set this up with a still image URL from your camera:

Thx … but as I can understand it will work with camera over RTSP stream.
But I need to convert JPG frame snapshots to MJPG camera. Ive made own system service on python to convert snapshots to mjpeg stream. But it would be nice to have such functionality in HA. As speaking about my task “snapshots to MJPEG” starts faster than starting converted rtsp stream. It makes UI experience more fluent. Im my case my camera pop ups video from video door phone when it detects motion before the door and play notification sound
Or I do miss something in setting up generic camera?

It also works with still images.

Any ideas what Im doing wrong? I can not get it work =(

  - platform: generic
    name: entrance2
    framerate: 3
    verify_ssl: false

Can you get any pic, if you just paste that url, in your browser, or do you actually have to provide username/passwd ?

Another test you could do is using “MJPEG” , anyhow, try first with what you actually can receive through an url, in your browser/app … And also make sure that the cam actually provide stream and PIC on same Port, which you have not provided

Can you get any pic, if you just paste that url, in your browser, or do you actually have to provide username/passwd ?

  1. Its a striped URL … snapshot can be obtained by basic auth or I can provide creds in url …
    originally it looks like
  2. Unfortunately my doorphone has no MJPEG stream only rtsp or snapshots. In its web UI it uses snapshots to display video stream, just adds timestamp at the end of url
  3. Here is my workaround to get MJPEG stream … I just run service on host system

    and config for my mjpeg stream
  - platform: mjpeg
    name: entrance
  1. But Im looking for the same functionally in HA … to get rid of my workaround

Have you tried with this ? … in Generic Platform

This link follows to my workaround service … I want to get rid of it … and use bulletin HA functionally to create MJPEG camera from snapshot URL. It would be nice if HA will able to get still image url and just use it to create MJPEG stream and show it as camera

Is exactly the same as
        if self.path == ('/frame.jpg'):
            response = requests.get(BEWARD_HOST + '/cgi-bin/images_cgi?channel=0&_=' + str(time.time()), auth=(BEWARD_USER, BEWARD_PASSWORD));
            if response.status_code == 200:
                self.send_header('Cache-Control', 'no-cache');
                self.send_header('Pragma', 'no-cache');
                self.send_header('Content-type', 'image/jpeg');
                self.send_header('Content-Length', str(response.headers['Content-Length']));
                self.send_header('Connection', 'close');
                self.send_header('Content-type', 'text/html')
                self.wfile.write('Internal Server Error'.encode());

And as I told auth can be done by providing creds in URL or by providing creds as Basic auth

Ok, sorry im lost, i actually have no idea what you get (from your “Cam”) nor what you want or why
Do you want to make a stream out of .jpgs ? , refresh every second…if you want to get rid of your “work around” don’t attach a pic with it, instead provide details of you “Door” Cam, what you actually get’s from it
The Pic above, and your “latest” “code” snippets seems like redundant info to what you want , if you by “default” only gets .jpg from your cam, then say so, it’s not important what you what you want to get rid of, or what your cam dont provide

Lastly have a look at these other integrations,

Video, so your cam(doorbell device) samples, jpgs to some sort of video format ? “Stream” , that you actually could take snapshots out of , if you want

And does this means that your cam “stores” a bunch of JPGs ? EDIT: Sorry i just noticed

rtsp: So you actually gets a “Stream” … in some format ?

And even here im lost, as it seems to be 2 different IP’s, as i see it, and i don’t know which one is your DoorBell Device, that i assume you want to “connect” direct to HA, without your workaround,.