Still need to change to Lovelace, What is best way?

The Addon for Lovelace conversion does not appear to be in the Addon Store, what is the best way to swap to using Lovelace?

it depends…

are you still on states ui now?

Do you like yaml or hate it?

Do you want to split up your lovelace config or keep it as one big monolithic file?

Still on States.
I can do YAML.
One large file preferred.

Personally, unless you have a need of secrets or YAML anchors, just go with the UI editor. It’s generally going to be easier to work with.

The simplest way of doing that is to start with the auto-generated UI, select the menu in the top right and then Take control.

yeah, based on those answers then go with what tinkerer suggested.

But my personal preference is yaml mode.

I got it here Community Add-on: Lovelace Migration
a while ago when I was a newbee. It was not perfect but it helped immensely. It’s still available on github.

You can use the UI editor to get yourself started, then under the UI Editor use the menu again and select the Raw editor. That’ll give you YAML you can copy and paste out.

Yeah, I know. but that seems like way too much work to end up with the same thing in the end.

I find no real benefit for me using the UI over yaml mode.

I guess the problem that I am having is how to get into the UI Editor.

I have been able to select the Developer Tools, Info, Press the Go to the Lovelace UI and pressed the Remove states (DEPRECATED) as default page on this device link, but it keeps opening in the States UI.

I can’t find a button or page that says UI Editor or allows me to save the Lovelace User Interface.

By the way thanks for the help so far, I have saved out the Lovelace.yaml file.

Does the address line in your browser contain the word “/lovelace/”?

if it does you are already using the lovelace UI! :slightly_smiling_face:

the auto-generated lovelace ui looks just like the states ui (or close to it).

then in the upper right corner there is a three dot menu. in there is the link for “take control…”

or it should be…

The URL said states, I changed the Bookmark and it now says Lovelace/default_view

The three dots did not have a “take control”, I removed the mode: yaml from the configuration file and rebooted. Now I have Lovelace but the three dots only have raw editor and configure ui.

What should the configuration.yaml have in it for:

  mode: ????

To not use the ui-lovelace.yaml

Nothing. The default is UI. just remove the entire “lovelace:” entry.

after you restart if there is still no “take control…” link then just go to the “configure UI” link and start there.