Still no translation of entity names possible?

I live in a multi language home, the home assistant app supports multiple languages and translations for lot of stuff like system, services and other thing are there. Assist does support multiple languages and system got support for Aliases to be used.

Why can we not get an option to uses this Aliases also on different languages? For example add aliases for German (DE) and English (EN), tell Home Assistant wich language the Aliases belong to and use that as translations we can output when someone uses this language in the App/Browser.

you should put this in Feature Requests (and vote on it)

My +1 to this. In my case this is the number 1 feature I most miss. My home is also bilingual and right now there is no way you can set up dashboards that support multiple languages. The idea to have multiple friendly_names that are used with the user locale would just solve it.

Looks like there is already a feature request like this that needs some more attention.