Still waiting for the perfect wall switch

It needs to have:

  • reliability
  • to tell the state (push and poll)
  • no need for a neutral (maybe a very small battery should be enough)
  • dimming capabilities
  • italy sizes (like US)
  • touch and nice looking

anything around?

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Why not use a module (something like this Aeotec dimmer, or this Fibaro one?

As a dimmer, they can work without a neutral, and fit behind any wall switch of your choice.

Sonoff Touch maybe?

But you have to reflash the firmware

I find Insteon switches to be the nicest looking and feeling switches. None of the zwave options I’ve tried are as nice to use as the Insteons IMO. Here is one that doesn’t need a neutral:

I live in Italy, those are not good here. We have the same size but horizontal

I echo @anon35356645’s request, I’m also still looking for the perfect smart switch.

Specifically, I’m looking for a device that can fit perfectly into the most common flush mounting boxes in Italy (these boxes usually host from 1 up to 3 devices).

I would like to find a switch which is in compliance with the EU laws and able to work even when wifi and HA are down (i.e. duct taped Sonoff is not an option).


(dims are in mm)


I’ve found this device called Powahome (sorry, the website is Italian only), which looks very promising but currently the don’t offer any open API (told me that they were planning to release an open API to integrate with HA and other automation platforms, but nothing happen yet… maybe @anon35356645 you can email them to put some more pressure :rofl: ). I like it because this is a device that you put between your old dumb switch and the wires, so you don’t alter the aspect of your switch box.

Does something like this already exist?

Yes, there are many Z-Wave modules that work like that, though anything other than a dimmer will require a neutral wire (as I suspect will the Powahome devices). There are many brands available, Aeotec, Fibaro, and Qubino to name but a few.

Fibaro and Aeotec, but 50 euro one piece. Too much for me