Still Zibee issues

Every time I think everything is working perfectly, I get this old issue back again.

Zigbee2mttq interface stops loading. Some Zigbee stuff works, other Zigbee stuff doesn’t. EG, one Zigbee remote controls Shelly stuff, but not Zigbee sockets (almost like it’s gone simplex!).

It’s driving me mad, it’s like an emotional rollercoaster :man_shrugging:

I’ve reimaged a thousand times (I mean, exaggerating, but not much). And even tried different hardware. What sometimes fixes it is reapplying a snapshot (with the config it was using anyway!). A reboot doesn’t usually help. I don’t think signal is an issue as the map looks fine (when it loads ok!), and most of the affected devices are within a few metres from eachother. Pi is hardwired, and close to the devices.

Set up is rPi (4GB), ZZH (on USB extension), Zigbee2mttq, Node Red

Can anyone help save my sanity?

where are your logs?

Logs page has the same issue as z2m. Just a blank screen. Everything else is working fine, doesn’t really make any sense (to me at least).

I’ll install an SSH add on and see if I can get them from there.

Can’t seem to copy text from the ssh addon, so forgive the image.

This is the Zigbee2mttq log - can’t find any other logs, I’ve looked in /var/log - anywhere else I can look for ‘general logs’?

Best you post on the zigbee2mqtt github tracker.

Which coordinator are you using?

Also what version of z2m? Current is 1.20.

A list of common error codes and what to do in case of them:

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That could be an issue! Would that affect the loading of the interface though?