Stitch by Monoprice Component -or- enhancing the Tuya Component for Stitch platform?

As the title suggests I’d like to formally request this component integration or extension of the Tuya component for the “Stitch” platform. There are a collection of “Stitch Exclusive” things that don’t translate into the Tuya “Smart Life” or “Tuya” device collection. They all apparently share the same cloud services and foundational operations.

I’ve added my devices in the “Stitch” app successfully and I’ve attempted to initialize the Tuya component by hacking in platform: stitch with my stitch credentials into configuration.yaml… failed.

I DL’d the Smart Life Tuya app, created an account, but unfortunately none of my Stitch devices show up in my Smart Life app… I was able to successfully initialize the Tuya component in HA after creating my Smart Life account.

Hoping this is a light lift for the dev team?
Thanks in advance!!

So you bought some random stuff from Monoprice and it doesn’t work in HA. Bad buying there.

Ask Monoprice to document the device’s API, preferably a local API so you don’t keep relying on their cloud and giving all your data away.

@nickrout - The operative word is “some” of the devices are operational in HA using the Tuya component provided one provisions devices with the Smart Life or Tuya apps. Other users are already running some Stitch devices in HA, albeit with limited usage. I’ve already made an inquiry to Monoprice, so I thought I’d see what it might take for enhancing the existing Tuya component integration and logged this request.

I agree that a local API would be optimal as I’m not fond of the cloud dependency nor posting my device transactions. I bought these for evaluation purposes and that process remains ongoing.