Stop Automation from working at a date and time

I have an automation that turns all my lights off when nobody is home. How can I suspend or stop the automation on Fridays from 8-9 am? I looked at helpers but no options for a recurring date.

What do you mean by stop?
You mean make sure it doesn’t run at Fridays between 8-9?
Or not trigger?
Or disable the automation?

Also, post your automation so that we can see it.

Edit: also… are we talking about a date or a weekday?
The title says date but it seems you talk about weekday.

The logic conditions And, Or, and Not can be used to modify other conditions.

  - alias: "Do Not Allow On Fridays between 8-9am"
    condition: not
      - condition: time
          - fri
        before: "09:00:00"
        after: "08:00:00"

So the issue is it can’t be done on the UI you have to edit the yaml. Thanks

There are very few parts of automation configuration that are YAML-only. Pretty much everything can be done in the UI Automation Editor, it’s just annoying and inefficient for us to share and debug 8 million screenshots.

Everything I posted can be done using the UI Automation Editor.

If you need one there is a, slightly dated but still informative, video primer on transcribing YAML automations into the Automation Editor available on the ResinChem Tech Youtube channel


Thanks I got it now

you could use the scheduler or an automation that disables your automation in question.
To disable an automation you could use the service automation.turn_off

service: automation.turn_on
  entity_id: automation.batterie_ersetzt
data: {}

It was just easy to add the condition to the automation. I do have other automations that I turn off based on a label on the automations. When I put a calendar entry that I’m on vacation I don’t get notification from those automation.