Stop Fibaro motion sensor flashing after movement

I am trying to work out how to stop my Fibaro FGMS-001 motion sensor from flashing when it detects movement. I have tried to follow these instructions

According to the manual here you need to change setting 80 to 0. But how do you do it? I have changed it in the zwcfg XML but it doesn’t work. Using the Z-Wave control panel over port 8888 doesn’t reveal anything obvious to change.

Can anyone help?


I don’t have that sensor, but there should be a configuration choice in OZCP when you click on the device. Any configuration that Open Zwave knows about the device would be listed there. Updating the XML doesn’t send the command to the device.

You might try the zwave.set_config_parameter via the services dev tool. Here’s some discussion on the subject:

I found it on the OZCP. If you still cant find it, just reply and I can make a screen shot or something :slight_smile:

Yes please :slight_smile:

hehe. Tried to log into OZCP now, but it doesnt work. I downloaded the extended user manual and found this (#8: Advanced parameters): ​80. Visual LED indicator - signalling mode
This parameter determines the way in which visual indicator behaves
after motion has been detected.

I then found the similar one in OZCP and set it to “0”. This means no LED at all… and hit save. I would prefer to give you a screen shot, but hope a quick reply is better.

But where is it in OZCP? I can’t see it! :slight_smile:

Updated to 0.40 and OZCP is working again. Choose the fibaro motion sensor, click on configuration and scroll down to "Visual LED indicator - signalling mode: " Set to “LED inactive”. Go back to the top and save.

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