Stop IOS notification retriggers


In ND I have a sequence setup to notify my iphone when motion is detected from my camera. The problem is EVERY TIME motion is detected I get the notification…. This can be very annoying with multiple motion alerts within a short time frame. I want it to send me an alert when motion is detected BUT do not send the next motion alert if its within 5 minutes of the first alert.

This has to be possible but I cannot seem to figure it out.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Much appreciated.

What is “ND”?

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Add a delay of 5 min at the end of your automation.
Or trigger change based on last change of motion

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sorry, its NodeRed

oh my gawd thats it, a delay at the end! brilliant and simple
thanks man… i never thought of that. The other way sounds a bit more elegant. Ill start with the first and investigate the second. Thanks again!!

ahh i spoke to soon… even with the delay running, motion triggers my first node in the sequence - Event:state noted. When that first node gets re-triggered it just starts the sequence over again which notifies my phone… was a good thought

You want to take that delay node and move it to right after the motion detected node

Change the delay options to “limit” (top option that is a drop down), set the time to five minutes and check the checkbox about dropping messages. Any motion detected in that 5 minute window will not be passed down the flow

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tested successfully, confirmed, completed, bulls eye, AWESOME!
Works like a charm! there really is a node for everything lol

thanks!!! :smiley:

Nice! Glad you solved your issue.

That Delay node set as a limit is also SUPER useful if you have a node spit out an array of messages.

Say for instance you have a “goodnight” node that does 10 different things. You’d output them through a single output as an array of messages, put a Delay node on that output, set it to delay to limit every second and uncheck the “drop messages” option. Now it’s a friendly bunch of calls to HA (or MQTT broker) since it’s mot blasting a bunch of messages at the exact same time

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That’s the same method you can use for native Home Assistant automations now that we have “single” mode.

Also, moved to appropriate category.

Cool thanks for more ideas!
Since you guys seems pretty with this, can you take a look this one: