Stop this madness .. again

Just closing the thread so no contradiction (or answer) is possible? That is indeed very mature. That’s how you deal with supporting users? I am not only supporting HA financially but also bring others to Home Assistant as well, but maybe I should reconsider my support in the future. Let’s see if you close this as well.

I will try to answer here:

I’m working in the electronics field since 1986, so yes, I do know how many erase/write cycles a flash can have. That doesn’t matter much, because it is just a simple theoretical number from the data sheet. A device can fault any time, no matter what and every additional erase/write wears the memory a little bit more. Maybe it faults in a hundred years, maybe next week - there is no guarantee.

I use HA and ESPhome for quite some time now (a few years maybe) and yes, I do know I can skip (ignore) updates. I am not as incompetent and ignorant as you might think.

The problem is as follows: Lets say there is a bugfix for a sensor in an update, so I have to update in order to deal with this bug. I can’t say exactly in what devices I use a specific sensor so I update ALL devices. And I don’t know what unwanted side effects it will have if I only update ten out of hundred devices.

So - I will update them all. Much easier and much faster for me.

Takes two hours in my case but what can I do? So, the next day comes another update fixing a regression or another new bug in the same sensor - I can’t skip that one. So - I update all devices again even those devices without that specific sensor.

Two days later is another bugfix because regarding the changelog the dev made a mistake (can happen, we are all humans), so I have to update again.

For some updates I don’t know if they affect any of my devices - I can only guess. Maybe, maybe not. I want to play it safe, so I update. Did I mention that I have other things to do than updating my ESP devices that often?

So, if you collect all the bug fixes for a, lets say, weekly or bi-monthly update I would save a lot of life time and keep my system running without errors. And honestly - I still don’t know if skipping updates will have unwanted side effects in the long run (but as I said - I had to update because of some bugfixes I was waiting for).

I assume I am not the only one. But if I am - my apologies. I will then ignore updates as long as I can.

I have ESPHome devices I did not update in 3 years, and they still work. I have lots of Tasmota devices still on 6.6. If it isn’t broke, don’t update.

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Same here …1.5y
And I agree, closing the other thread was not very ‘nice’

Please voice your opinion here.

This thread also contains many solutions to reduce the frequency of update notifications.

The original thread (and now this) was closed because this is not a feature request. Had you put this in Social, ESPHome, or a separate area of the forums, your topics would still live.