Stoptimer reset before timer end

Hi all,
I face some problem with my flow using a stoptimer. What I want to do is starting my vacuum when nobody is home for 15min. I think that the issue is because I check this condition every 5min. The true condition restart looping for 15min every 5min…
What do expert think about my flow ?
What can I do to prevent reset stoptimer if the condition is matched ?

Wouldn’t it be easier if it’s two flows?
One that starts the vacuum and one that triggers on coming home and gets the state if on, send stop.

Not sure, the problem will be the same if I continue triggering every 5 min that nobody is home.

And that is kind of what I would change.

Create a group in Home Assistant with me and her.
Now you have an entity which will be home if one or more is home.

Have this as your trigger.
If home send stop command.
If away, delay 5 minutes, start, delay 15 minutes, stop.

That way you have one fork at the start home/away and from there on two clear paths where they don’t cross cross each other.

I’m trying with a new node: delay
I hope this will be now ok.