.storage changes despite having configured recorder as mariadb

Hi folks,

I’ve configured recorder to use mariadb via:

  db_url: mysql://homeassistant:<pwd>@<ip>:3306/homeassistant?charset=utf8mb4

I still get local file system changes to .storage entries:

        modified:   .storage/core.config_entries                                                                                                               
        modified:   .storage/core.device_registry                                                                                                              
        modified:   .storage/core.entity_registry                                                                                                              
        modified:   .storage/core.restore_state                                                                                                                

Is there a way to get everything in mariadb? Reading the recorder docs again didn’t enlighten me, it seems like if I don’t have any filters, everything should be stored in mariadb.


Mariadb is for what is stored in recorder, .storage contains your devices, entities etc. You can’t move that to mariadb.

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