Storage is almost full

My storage of homeassistant on my raspberry is almost full. It’s 87% full . I have 2.5 Gb free

I tried to remove non used integrations and deleted backups but it didn’t help.
What shall I do to get more space?
Can I use usb in raspberry to store in it ?
How to do this?

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Are running HA core in Docker? If so, don’t forget to remove the downloaded images from previous versions.

The follow command will get rid of everything ‘unused’.

docker system prune --volumes -f

Is your database file (home-assistant_v2.db) the problem? By default, Home Assistant records everything in the database. If you don’t need that much history, then don’t record it. (See Recorder Integration).

Also, if you don’t need the history, you can safely delete the database (home-assistant_v2.db). Home Assistant will start a new one and when it fills up your storage, you can delete it again.

Are you using Frigate? My storage is 2TB and saving more than a day of Frigate captures quickly fills that up.

It sounds like you are running on a SD Card. SSD would be much better (and more space).

I have raspberry pi 4 . That’s where is my homeassistant running .
I am not expert of how and where it’s storing :slightly_smiling_face:
I just have the sd card that installed in raspberry :thinking:

Best move to a ssd card:

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Can I use usb 120 Gb. Or external hard disk ?

Your answer is right there in your first sentence.
If 2.5gb free is 13% of your total SD card size, then the card you’ve using is only around 19.2gb in size.

According to the installation docs, the minimum recommended size is 32gb. Your SD card is either too small or it’s fake. Either that, or you used the SD previously and it’s still got a partition in a different format.

I had the sad card that came with raspberry pi it was 32 gb. This is the only one I had.

It has been working very nice for about one and half year. The storage for the last weeks reached 60-68 % but now it’s coming 86%. And there is no space for update. I always delete the backup to free space. But I don’t what more I have to delete


ha su repair

there might be dangling docker images.

Then it’s either fake or you made a mistake in the numbers you posted.

13% free space on a 32gb card should give you over 4gb, not 2.5

I deleted the file you mentioned . ( Home-assistant-v2.db) there were others with same extension end ending by wall .

I don’t know what is frigate

Where to add it ? Is it in config file ?

Nowhere to add, it is a command
Either in the console (if you attach keyboard and monitor), or in the Advanced SSH and Web Terminal (is an add-on from community store)

If you don’t know, then you don’t need to know. Frigate is a Digital Video Recorder integration, but it can consume most of your storage which on a Raspberry is precious little.

Thank you for the information. I appreciate your help