Storage of Widget Data in HA

I recently moved to HA from smarthings and I’m very happy. The android App has made that transition that much easier. The one thing that has become a bit of a burden is maintaining widgets across android devices. I have 5 users in the house and I’ve creates a number of template and toggle widgets for easy controls.

The one thing that has been bothering me is that I need to recreate all the widget’s templates for each device. Has there been any thoughts of storing this data in HA and creating a reference to it on Android home screens instead?

I do know that someone would still need to actually create the widgets thenselves due to android limitations but it would be really nice to have an abstraction layer between the widget and its configuration.

I was thinking it would be very helpful if we can create the widget on the device and then select which configuration we want to reference for that widget rather than creating it from scratch on each device. So for a template widget for example, we’d create the widget on the desktop and then instead of pasting in the template data, we would select the ‘object’ that contains that template in HA. Same for toggles or other widgets.

One limitation of this is if that widget was ‘edited’ the devices would need to a have that widget recreated I believe but having a object to select would be far easier than attempting to create them from scratch each time.

The other option, which would be better, would be to create a single widget similar to a lovelace dashboard rather than independent toggles. Then we could just reference that object once and done. This would be similar to smarthings’ ‘scene’ widget. We could then update that ‘dashboard’ in HA and it would automatically update on the devices.

Was really just curious if something like this was in the roadmap

For a template widget all you are doing is copying and pasting the template and you are done. There is already a way to edit them. For the app to send data and store it in HA requires a lot of changes especially on the HA core side. I wouldnt count on this being done honestly. It takes a few seconds to set up a widget.