Store and restore temperature (only, no other attributes)


I’m trying to create a automation/blueprint for a pretty normal “window open > thermostat off” automation.

But I have one problem: The Zigbee thermostat I’m using via Zigbee2mqtt is a “Siterwell GS361A-H04” and is only accepting temperature changes if no other commands (like hvac_mode etc.) are sent in the request.

Eg. if I set hvac_mode and temperature together in a climate.set_temperature service request, it fails to do that.
This is also a known issue in Zigbee2mqtt: Github issue 14164

So, the normal way of using “scene.create” > snapshot does not work, sadly.

My question is:
What’s a viable solution to store and retrieve the current temperature for a thermostat, ideally usable in a blueprint (so without fixed variable names)?

I can’t figure out how to store the temperature values eg. for two thermostats to an namespace-array at the beginning of the ‘action’ part…

Does anyone have an idea?

Thank you very much!


You could store it in an input_number helper.

Hallo tom_l,

thank you for your idea.
Is it possible to create a input_number dynamically using the thermostat entity name as part of the input_number entity name?

That would make it at least possible to create a automation/blueprint for controlling one thermostat - as I have no idea how to store more than one value into a input_number or how to create several input_number helpers dynamically and retrieve values from them.

(I would have an idea if I wouldn’t be bound to YAML and templating…)

Thank you!