Stored login lost after a short time

I have set up a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with a HyperPixel 4 touchscreen display and this is currently launching Chromium in kiosk mode at boot configured to open the Home Assistant frontend.
I logged in with the username and password and chose to save the logon when prompted. This worked for a while, across several reboots, until this morning when it had forgotten the logon details and prompted me to logon again.
I don’t keep a keyboard and mouse connected to the Raspberry Pi, as the intention is to control it solely through the touchscreen (and entering the password is a hassle anyway as it is a complex password which I keep in LastPass).
Is there anything I can check to make sure that it keeps the logon consistently?
I’d wondered about whether Chromium was opening before the network was fully available and this was somehow triggering the local storage to be cleared, is that possible?

Edit: I notice that there was an invalid login attempt recorded from the IP address of the Raspberry Pi, so this may be why the saved logon was cleared. Could this have been caused by network issues?

My aim is to move Home Assistant onto this Raspberry Pi (it is currently running on a separate Raspberry Pi 2), would this be less likely to happen when connecting to localhost?

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