Strange behavior of Shelly 1L

One of my Shelly 1L recently developed strange symptoms:

  • Once in a while, when in on state, it turns the light off for ~2 seconds and then turn it on again. HA state history shows that device at that time was constantly on, so seems like some internal to device action was taken and it is not related to any phantom activities of HA.
  • Very same device from time stops to respond to physical switch. I can turn it on/off from HA, but not from switch that is connected to device directly. Switch is configured as Toggle Button on device, so there should not be a problem with state being send to HA and back to the device

Anyone experiencing similar symptoms? Any known solution?

Check the firmware is up to date.

Contact Shelly support.

Try another firmware like esphome

Well, all my Shellys run on the same latest stable version of FW, I could eventually try available beta, but as this is isolated case, I’m not sure if this could change something - I do not abserve such behavior with other moduels. Also I do not want to go for esphome (at least for now) as I do not this platform yet for any device… perhaps one day, seeing so many nteresting projects around that use esphome… :slight_smile: So perhaps need to contact Shelly support…

Check the temperature of the unit. Is it near it’s limit?

Well, not sure how to? I checked device web interface and found no info about temperature. In HA I can see thes overheating sensor, that shows status OK.

In hA, go into the shelly integration unser settings, click on the 1L, the temporature is shown in the diagnostic sensor section

OK, got it, just had these sensors not enabled…
So after ~1h of continueous work temperature raised to 47~48C… so well below allowed by Shelly limits - they mention that even runnng in 85~90C range is unusual, 95C being safety limit. Clearly overheating is not an issue here…