Strange behaviors in HA and on network

My router is using a T-Mobile SIM card and USB modem for WAN at the moment, so the internet is slow. I have Nabu Casa active and I’m running core-2021.7.3 and supervisor-2021.06.8.

Today I noticed some strange behaviors while I was accessing HA locally at the house. It was taking a very long time to load the File Editor. I attempted it many times, and each time it would take about a minute to load the yaml file.

Coincidentally, I realized soon after noticing the sluggishness of HA that gmail had sent me a notification of a blocked attempt to login to the email account I use for SMTP (with the correct password). The account is dedicated to my HA and secrets.yaml is the only place I keep it “written down”. I started to wonder whether someone had found their way into my LAN. The router was also not very responsive when I tried to make adjustments to things, and after some changes (and frustrated closed tabs and re-logins & retries) and reboots, the router loaded up with a login page that was in Romanian. I realized that I’d left the OpenVPN server on, which was actually of no use to me anyway since T-Mobile does not assign each SIM its own IP, so I was never able to login to the VPN. …so I turned off the VPN server today. I’ve also deactivated the Asus DNS service, and tightened up the “AIProtection” security, reinstalled the firmware, changed my own login credentials, etc. I think I’ve taken the necessary measures in case my router was indeed hacked.

This might not be related (or maybe it is). When I would click on the File Editor in HA, and it would take that minute to load, I noticed various prompts in the bottom-left of the browser window. It seemed strange to me that my HA would have to go through so many hoops in order to serve me my configuration.yaml when I was accessing it locally on 8123. It takes a long time when I access it from Nabu Casa, of course, but this was the first time it had taken so long when I was sitting right next to the router. Here are some of the prompts I saw.


Are these all to be expected when one clicks on the File Editor on the left side column?