Strange behaviour 2 of 6 lights

Something strange is happening.
I have 6 lights that need to change brightness (so they are already turned on) when Kodi is stopped.
But very often 2 of those 6 lights then turn off instead of changing brightness.
They are all connected to the Hue bridge.

1x Signify (Philips) LCT007

3 x INNR: RB185C

2 x INNR: RB285C

The problem is with the 2 newest INNR lights.
2 x INNR: RB285C

So the model and software and hardware version are newer than the other Innr lights.
Could that be the issue? But what can I do then?

The automation is a script that runs to change the brightness and I already tried settings like running all actions in parallel.

Since they are a Hue bridge, do they act the same when using the Hue app ?

I don’t think those bulbs are dimmable.

Sorry! Wrong bulb! Or maybe not. I’m confused. :roll_eyes:

Good question! I’ll try testing like that.

Is that at a low brightness? Maybe the values for minimum maximum brightness differ, and they get set below what is able to produce minimum brighness?

Not really:
brightness: 140
brightness: 64

What I find so strange is that it happens only occasionally.
Like now, when I’m trying to reproduce it, they work flawless every time.

The only time I ever had that is when two commands to the same bulb were fired in short sucession. Are they in a group or something else that may cause duplicate commands? Or a button that is both tied to the bulb and the scene?

Or could it be it is registered as a non dimmable bulb, and some ways to operate check for it and some don’t? Because if the type mentioned above is indeed non-dimmable, that sure sounds relevant.

They are dimmable. As said, they usually work fine and I can dim them fully both from the Hue app as well as through Home Assistant.

I’ve tested now also with Hue and through Hue it never failed.
But through the script it does.
Must be something about sending it almost instantly to the 2 newer lights so I’ll add a 1 sec delay before changing the last light. Will test with that.