Strange eCO2 and TVOC readings from CCS811 and esphome

maybe someone with more experience of this sensor could help me out here. I have been running a CCS811 sensor on a Wemos D1 board for a couple of months now. Twice in the last weeks I’ve seen spikes like this in the readings (the jump in the graph is from a reboot when trying to fix the issue).

It takes a couple of hours to settle but eventually the levels are stable again.
I use temp and humidity from HA to compensate and I see the values getting updated in HA and in the logs from the AQ esphome.
The baseline is from a couple of months ago - maybe time for a re-calibration?

This is my relevant esphome config:

  sda: GPIO4
  scl: GPIO5

  - platform: ccs811
      name: "CCS811 eCO2 Value"
      name: "CCS811 Total Volatile Organic Compound"
    address: 0x5B
    update_interval: 60s
    baseline: 0x99C4
    temperature: temp
    humidity: hum
  - platform: homeassistant
    id: temp
    entity_id: sensor.arbetsrum_temp

  - platform: homeassistant
    id: hum
    entity_id: sensor.arbetsrum_fukt

Any ideas greatly appreciated!