Strange Energy measure between General and only Fridge

Hi to all!

I have an HA setup for my house with many integration.
I’m facing with a strange problem with Energy entities.

I have a Sonoff POWR3 immediately after the electrical meter, to read all data from the grid.
Inside my house i have (at the moment) 4x Refoss P11 smart plug to monitor the Oven, the Fridge, the dishwasher and the washing machine.

Yesterday i notice a strange behaviour with Fridge Energy.

This is the plot of few day before:

With the electrical bill i can confirm that the POWR3 measure are correct, but the Fridge consumption is strange, in some days are over the general consumption. This is phisically impossibile, because i have other device (HVAC split, water heater, etc) more energy greedy.

So yesterday i re-do the power calibration for the smart plug, to avoid any problem.
Unfortunately already today at 10.00 the energy curve of the fridge (purple line) is higher than the general curve (blue line).

Today i try other smart plug NOUS A1T to verify the behaviour.

Could you have any hints?


i think maybe the problem is the power very very low. I set the commands SetOption39 10, trying to fix the problem.

Also some smart plugs are not well calibrated.

That’s the beauty of flashing with ESPHome. You can calibrate the smart plug to a good plug-in energy monitoring meter.

I follow the official procedure to calibrate the smart plugs…

Since yesterday i make another test. I connect a Nous A1T smart plug in series with the Refoss P11.
And this is the result:

To go deep into the problem i see that my fridge (LG GBB60NSYFE) consume about 178 kWh/year so about 0.48 kWh/day.
From midnight of today the P11 read about 8kWh (impossibile) but from the A1T i read 0.216 kWh (plausible).

I notice that the P11 read always Real Power (PF 1) but the A1T no.

In conclusion i think this P11 is faulty maybe (i have another 3x P11 read Oven, Dishwasher and Washing machine that correctly read)

What do you think?

Well it is different than the other plug. But which one is correct?

I think the A1T is correct. Because the Fridge must use about 0.5kWh/day