Strange issue setting temp with Node-RED and Climate service


I have 3 Radio Thermostat CT32 Zwave Thermostats.

HA and Node-RED are running on the same NUC in docker containers. They share an IP.

I have been using Node-RED with the HA and Bigtimer palettes for a simple time based temperature schedule.

The bigtimer node basically sends an ON or OFF payload at certain times, which gets funneled to a switch node that then chooses an appropriate call service node which calls the climate service to set temps on the various thermostats.

NOTE: I have bigtimer trigger and call the service once per needed temperature change (rather than continue to poll or reset the temp every X mins), which worked perfectly before. I prefer this since it will set the temp per the schedule, but allow manual changes throughout the day without worrying about an override.

This was previously working 100% of the time for me.


Now, it is not setting the temps on schedule.

Node-RED shows that the appropriate climate.set_temperature service is called successfully at the right time (5AM) but the temp is not actually being set.

Looking at the OZW log, nothing is shown at that time.

It’s like HA is receiving the API call but doing nothing with it.

What is odd is that when I use a timestamp inject node on the same flow, it works.

Everything was working fine and dandy until I recently rewired my network. (I’m adding CAT6, and a new router, switch, etc.) I changed the HA subnet, but everything is domain based and Node-RED is definitely connecting to the HA api just fine, so that seems a coincidence more than anything.


Not sure if this is what’s happening, but every now and then something happens that just toasts a node. I don’t know why, but a service call node will do what you describe: it will show it is firing but the action is obviously not happening. When this happens, I delete the node and recreate it from scratch. This always gets the flow working again.

I’ve seen this maybe three or four times in the year I’ve used node red for all my automations. And this includes me bouncing back and forth between container and supervised like three times.