Strange issue with my HA with OS 8

Suddenly, after one of the updates, I have a strange issue with my HA. It is on a small physical computer similar to NUC. I think it happened a couple of times within the last couple of months, but it was not all the time.

I installed OS 8. Now, after restarting, HA is not coming up. This computer does not have a monitor and a keyboard attached to it. EVERYTHING IS COMING UP when I connect a monitor because I want to see the problem. It says that I am using OS v8. I can reboot, and everything works fine. It says that there are no updates available.

After I unplug the monitor and keyboard, HA is not coming up after restarting HA. I have to unplug the computer physically. Sometimes I have to do it a couple of times before it starts working. After that, it says that I am using OS version 7.6, and HA shows that I have to update OS.

Any ideas on what to do?