Strange issues with Sonoff ZBMini-L since February Home assistant update

Hi all, I have been experiencing a strange issue with the ZB Mini-L since the 2023.02 version of home assistant using ZHA.

Until then, it worked flawlessly for me (I started using the device around 6 months earlier, late last summer.

The issue is after every update, the device no longer responds to on and off events for around 2-3 days and then after that one night it will automatically turn the switch on and a day later it will start responding normally.

I cannot see anything in the logs to suggest why this happens and it has only started with 2023.02 - the first time it probably didnt work for a couple of weeks, I am not sure I didnt monitor it and there were frequent updates but not I became aware of the current pattern where it starts working around 2-3 days after every update (we are already on the .3 update for may… I updated to that today so the lights wont be working for the next couple of days).

Any idea how to diagnose this and/or fix it for good?

OK, I have purchased a zbmini-l2 and same issue with that.

Did you find a solution? I am experiencing similar behavior

same here since the 2022.10, never find a solution. i have 5 and it seems they kickout eachother, a few days one than another, randomly. i’m usinf z2m…

Same problem also for me :sob: