Strange peaks in thermometer readings

Hello All,

I bought two Tuya WIFI thermometers and connected it to HA via Tuya integration.
However after one day of observation both of them have strange peaks on history graph like this:

In Tuya application itself there are no such peaks. Only in HA. Any idea why?

It looks like it has very long intervals between updates.
The first flat line lasts 12 hours.

I wouldn’t trust tuya devices for anything. The integration is real utter crap, just as most of the devices.

Since it’s battery powered the reading intervals are actually pretty smart. If temperature doesn’t change much over time it simply doesn’t update it. However when big change occurs it reports even every few minutes. It’s all for saving battery. This way WIFI is most of the time turned off.

Don’t believe it.
There is no way a room can have the same temperature during 12 hours.
And also dropping during daytime lower than nighttime makes it even more strange in my opinion.

Here is my temperatures.
The timespan is five days.

Kinda different question - is this graph from Grafana?

No this is on the dashboard. Graph card I believe it’s called.