Strange remote IR issue

Peculiar technical issue with Dyson AM-08 pedestal fan… Who can help solve it?

On/Off Dyson remote button is the same. i.e.: IR command it sends is same. (toggle)
I can turn the fan ON with ease, with just barely pointing remote towards the fan from long distance.
In fact, ANY button I press as FIRST command (to turn it on or oscillation, or up fan speed) works perfectly as the FIRST command sent to the fan when it is OFF.

However, any SECOND command, including command to turn it OFF, require a precision pointing of the same remote towards the base of the fan and getting quite close to it.

This is extremely strange as it is NOT a remote issue, not a battery issue… The fan’s receiver is in the same place…
Any of you have an idea what could be happening and why second remote command is not working in the same way first one does?

Needless to say that my harmony hub, can turn the fan on from a corner of the room even without direct sight of the fan. I guess the IR signal bounces of my door and hits the fan and it turns ON! (great). But of course I can’t turn it off with Harmony unless I bring the fan right next to it and tilt harmony hub down to point at the base.

How can this be? It does not make logical sense. But it is happening :slight_smile: