Strange situation with access

I’ve been running HA on RPi4 for a while using DuckDNS and Let’s encrypt. Over the weekend, I migrated to an OPNsense UTM install and didn’t anticipate many issues but knew I’d have to port-forward for HA. That turned out to be a bigger issue than I thought.

In doing so, I discovered that I never actually set up the dns challenge for Let’s Encrypt. At this stage, I have NO access to due to the OPNsense but I can access on Yes, I also realise that my external traffic has been unencrypted for a while.

I set up Let’s Encrypt properly using the OVACloud method and reboot.

On reboot, I have no http or https access and furthermore, a port scan internally shows ONLY port 4357 open on that IP address. No port 80, no port 443, no port 8123. About this time I remember that I have ssh and ftp turned off at reboot for security.

Fortunately, I have a full snapshot stored on my PC…

Any ideas on cause?

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