Strange situation with toggle action on button

Running HA 2024.2.5 on Raspberry PI4 and SONOFF ZigBee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus.
I have 1 Sonoff ZBMini as a dry contact to switch-on/off a water heater through a wet contact.
From time to time, when switching off, the wet contact is deactivated and immediately after reactivated (I clearly hear twice the noise of the contactor). But the user interface of the button only reflects the deactivated state.
The way the ZBMini is configured this :

  - entity: light.sonoff_01minizb_light_2
    type: simple-entity
    name: Alimentation water heater
      action: toggle
        text: Change alim water heater state ?
    secondary_info: last-changed

I have to add that the link quality between the Zigbee coordinator and the ZBMINI is clearly very low (50) and yes, I will act to fix it.
But I’d like to better understand what happens :

  • Can this odd behaviour result from the link quality ?
    Is it possible that the action being a toggle on low quality link, a double toggle brings the state back to ON ?
  • Whatever the reason of this odd behaviour, wouldn’t it be better to call a service to turn OFF/ON as a replacement of the toggle action ? (twice OFF action is always OFF as a result).
  • Would Zigbee2mqtt improve this situation ?

Thanks for your lights.

Ok, seen the “success” of my post :smiling_face_with_tear:, let me come back with a simple question : in case of transmission difficulties, is it a correct assumption that the Zigbee platform could deliver more than once a given message ?
If so I assume my Sonoff could have received the same command twice.