Strange situation z2m and zha

Good morning everyone, I’ll explain my situation…
A few months ago I added a Sonoff dongle E (no flash) to my ha (installed on proxmox). I configured mosquitto mqtt with address “mqtt://core-mosquitto:1883”, then I added zigbee2mqtt (my idea was to create the network this way). I purchased and started to successfully add several Vimar devices and everything worked well on the z2m (except for those times I restarted the home assistant, as I wasted a lot of time restarting the network).

Yesterday afternoon I wanted to move z2m to proxmox and I made some changes to mosquitto (I changed the address “mqtt://”).
In the end I didn’t complete the job so I decided to go back to the initial situation by restarting everything internally at ha (I also put the same address back on mosquitto).
The problem is that I lost the entire zigbee2mqtt network, I don’t see any devices and I can’t re-associate them.

The really strange thing is this (see attached file 2)

It seems like I have always used ZHA but I was convinced to use Z2M as I used its add-on to integrate and manage devices, is this normal?
How do I now delete ZHA and switch to Z2M?
Do I have to redo everything from scratch?

Thank you