Strange supervisor error log entry for Ring add-on. I don't use Ring and it's not installed!?

I’ve got repeating errors in my Supervisor log files for a plugin that I don’t have installed and I don’t use.

23-07-23 15:19:05 WARNING (SyncWorker_3) [] Can't read /data/addons/git/09e60fb6/external/ring-client-api/packages/homebridge-ring/config.schema.json: Invalid Add-on config!. Got {'pluginAlias': 'Ring', 'pluginType': 'platform', 'singular': True, 'customUi': True, 'customUiPath': './lib/homebridge-ui', 'customUiDevServer': 'http://localhost:3000/api/plugins/settings-ui/homebridge-ring', 'headerDisplay': 'See [the wiki]( for details on generating a refresh token', 'accountLinkingHeader': 'Please supply your Ring credentials.  These will be used to contact the Ring servers and generate a unique access token for your acc...

What’s strange is that I don’t have any Ring plugin installed, I don’t use any Ring products, and there are no entities or devices with ‘ring’ in it. The error tells me to use a url to refresh my token, but I can’t - since I don’t have any Ring products, I don’t have a Ring website login/credentials.

Home Assistant 2023.7.3
Supervisor 2023.07.1
Operating System 10.3
Frontend 20230705.1 - latest

You have added an Add-on repository that has also a Ring add-on listed. Supervisor regularly checks all add-ons in all repositories added, even if the add-ons are installed or not.

I am facing this issue too. Appears to be a supervisor bug where the add-on is not removed from the registry but does not show in the UI. Seemingly the record is orphaned. I re-installed the add-on using the instructions and then removed it. Fingers crossed it does not come back.

It came back…

Boooo. I have the same error. :confused:

I am experiencing this same issue with the same add-on. This a brand new installation. No backup was used. Everything was set up from scratch. The Ring integration has never been installed. I checked repositories and registries, and nothing related to this add-on exists. Could it be that something is tied to my GitHub account?

This is coming from Scrypted. It is because the Ring integration exists within Scrypted and HA Supervisor is detecting this as a possible config file.

I don’t have Scrypted installed. I played with it many months ago and removed it. I can’t find any trace of it now anywhere within HA.

Do you have any custom repo’s set-up?

I found the problem. The Scrypted respository is still in the list of manually added repositories (Add-Ons/Add-On Store/Repositories). Even though the scrypted add-on was removed months ago, it appear that the supervisor updates any manually-added repositories regularly even if they aren’t in use.
I deleted it and the warning has disappeared.
Thanks for your help!

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