Strange update message

I received the following message when I went to

Is it supposed to offer backwards updates?

No that is not supposed to happen. Ignore it.

I’m getting the same message. Will not run the “update” but why does it appear?

Same here, I’m also getting this message. Not using the Beta channel.

It was supposed to be 0.93.2 but was incorrectly tagged it seems. Just ignore it.

Ignore it as in don’t update, or ignore it as in ignore the text and update?

Ignore it till they fix it. Nothing wrong with 0.93.1 is there?


I went ahead and clicked update, now running HA 0.93.2 according to the Info, however when I SSH in it says version: 0.92.3

Unfortunately I did the “update” and HA stoped responding. And I’m away from home… I feel so dumb!!!

Leave it for a bit, updates usually take a while.

It seems to be corrected now. Go to SYSTEM > supervisor > RELOAD button

Actually no. None of those would have me in a ‘must update and update right now’ situation. Did you have any problems with HA before those fixes? Guessing not because you’re probably still on 0.92.x